Residential Garage Door Openers

At we carry the most reliable garage door openers in the industry to fit your needs. If you are looking for an ultra quiet opener or one to lift a very heavy door, we can help you. is known for its famous incompatible prices in the Garage Doors industry.

All residential garage access systems are proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use, and are available with innovative accessories designed to make home access even more convenient.

There are four basic types of residential openers. Here they are:

Belt Drive: belt drive garage door openers are the smoothest, quietest, most reliable systems you can buy. Primarily used in garages attached to a house which require quiet operation. Choose this opener if silent operation is what's important to you.
Chain Drive: Chain Drive Openers Designed specifically to lift even the heaviest custom wood and carriage house garage doors, chain drive garage door openers are rugged, reliable, and deliver all-around lasting performance. Choose a chain drive for heavy doors, detached garages or very cold climates.
Screw Drive: Ideal for locations with extreme climates, screw drive garage door openers are specially engineered to run smoothly and quietly in the coldest and hottest temperatures. It is the perfect choice if you want the latest advancements in smooth-running performance with a completely maintenance-free drive system.
Direct Drive:Specially designed for garages that don't allow for a traditional garage door opener, our ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted jackshaft opener is perfect when you need to save space or have an oversized door or cathedral ceiling. It mounts on the wall beside the garage door, so ceiling space is freed up for maximum storage.

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